the lions went insane
the crowd went insane
and even the bad flies mated with the good flies
knowing that the acrobats were more insane
and that it was time for one last show
for the sun
for the microbes of sense inside a howl
it was dusk
unlike night
and just a skin

and they decided that the world boomed
with only the rope
of each grace
there was no audience
in the stars
only the shadows slicing to and fro
like the whip in their palm
pulsating to move
its own planets
in the populace

but when that grip came
and the blunt light of sand
was below
making shadow puppets
of their souls
there was a song too
in the struggle
made by palm
inside palm

it sung harder
than the days

it had taken them
to fly

and there was a curious waltz of thieves
where death was ready
and they knew each other
by roll
by roll.


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