black dancer


Flowers in the dark

The walls swim
our eyes pour a song

autumn is gone, as all seasons are, tireless in carrion parade
i scratch a roof behind my neck, then say
much murder to our love

my worker’s torso, more bone than connection
dripping with fire.



And over the path of no relent, the cavern began to fill
i bit your flesh in the darkness
as you screamed and turned: that gulf into light.



The violence.
The caress.
The leviathan.

And when the sky was full, the sun bled
calling my guts cheap &

sliced and made from grace

allowing those songs we
said, to



We danced the hog dance

both beautiful and nightly, although
perhaps you were more vixen
and i was more sweat

Then we changed the city into dream
where upon my awakening i still scream
licking my teeth with rabid tongue
with each blade of life

where our souls slam the soil
saying mercy under moon

and all the bad things poems can hold
but life cannot.




and how the Dutch flies scream
both saying where i will travel, and where i have not
and where I will shatter

and yet, where music is the silence of gutter screams
we are each other’s animal
where our scent begins.


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