Red moor

I shave too fast, let the blood float
since so many fictions cut our necks, and we
believe them, instead of shattering
them inside our limbs
a thousand damned and abandoned dogs
bring life to felidae

And I walked away into the gallow gales
painted my blood in your shadow
your musk transforming all gravity away
where each light creates
and the long slow river passes
easier than death & the cosmos

And all day the crimson oak of time!
where autumn is already sweating to be winter smoking
and the prayer of the street still smells like you
& i know what Antony felt near his namibian
since in my own trapeze… there are no dogs fussing
about which furs are which

The moors define bones, some nutter legging it across the horizon
chased by helicopter & night
easy diamond dreams threading my laughter
as is the way with all country green and
fire moons collapsing my city days
although : i must see you again

Pardoned by judge, dismissed by time
i see you in a rhythm which is better than work
the darkness decays and waltzes away
like so many crabs dancing in porcelain ink
side to side
shatter shatter, utter utter

From the place a cool whip enters june
from the place each comet was once flesh
like roads and rivers burning away
high howls inside your shade
and at the end of tomorrow
i crank my jaw up, let my teeth sing, and howl with you.


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