Frank, black & white

It rains licking blood in the street
i stand outside a long door, the arrows alight, turning to hail
all gods dancing, sailing, toasting, and moving in time
i walk home from the offy, and do a crazy dance, neighbours &
silhouette saying : that damn shadow
i take a piece of sun, this long breath of life, and laugh
with all animals
slamming the street, and wondering
where you are

And say we always damn
the poems
since there is
no control zero
logic slamming the strange
white curls reversed, and
say that the waltz is worth-it
until we rob each other!

Where this train opens each street
and, chimera lakes, your scent, those birds breaching the factory steam!
the window’s use of time, the kshht of a can years on
where again, it hails down lassy, the nights
of opium
laying down across the moors
heavier than every ghost dancing
departing, rattling, and drooling
like stars among a fire
swaying inside the night.


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