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Having no one is the burden
as life collides in Daedalus throws–
such as the majesty of love, that skin!
war is the apartheid of gifted rain
the scavenger’s daughter alights!

The desert clears without warning noon
there are only our arses in silhouette!
and even death is a piece of the target gone
where our ghosts judge our dance
calming the black rays of light

Shattered bones reflecting neon
all humans with wings fly
all below sheds a tear
since all quaking ropes untie
chaos our glimpse, mocked by our fire

Slamming boons in the grace of local geese
the indifferent smiles of canine gravity!
where tongues are knives of havoc
and overdogs rattle with music
the ignition that halts all space!

Colliding around each knuckle wrapped in sulfurous hands!
so still are dreams inside each poem
they are rorschachs made of bone
thy mortal rope which loosens
and growls within each orchid sun

Then, once again in departure & jettison
i simply imagine the stars
where your sooty hands wash away the
coal mining dew, as I do
as we strangle their necks, and create today

All hades smalls in our heaven
all debentures are lost and gone
i have lived so many lives with you
we care little about work now
and create each other’s shadow

Flashes of light are the uniformed call
strange impulses that we control
only the dissection of the atmosphere
i embarken with words that howl
we are Jupiter tearing apart the masquerade

Aye, the servitude of slashing gods
with certainty your eyes are my only expanse
darkness is our kin, chimera is our name
the streets of Earth cannot wipe
the edge of cosmos we have

But beyond the world
But beyond your bones
I have seen crying implosions
of random saints
turning into night fires

They all, were nothing
i flick the holographic
of our home

To create our own gods.

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