I saw the rain change into piano

And always the rain is a writers day
Everyones day. Full of full. laymen
pouring & horizontal eternally
windows apart from my glass

And always the day is anyones day
a plummet of gulls christen the sky
the blue is ready with you
i walk and write

The bull-frogs under my garden
were yapping
such a force under the stone
such a wail of water…

Energy by the pipes, i move a world
no limb or success
just a man damn wet
smiling within drops of sky

Weekends & bargainings
i see a haiku in the future
our howls in the past
our morsel, our dance, our exclaim

So beloved cigarette
so like a pillaging rain
so Britain sleeps
my window in your gut

None of my friends are edited by the snow
we all travel away
then bite the sun with equal teeth
passing by with light

I spend a day painting with a knife
and then
speak with the paint as kin
echoes by sea landless

I take a boat made from flesh
take a gun made from limb
pass the storm
past the frozen dance

May I see where you are in the stars?
those stars which are flesh
we see each other anyway
in each day

Can’t fight a ghost
can find a dream
our saliva one
pillaging the storm by dance

Early mornings make me hurl
then i get down to it finally early
i pay a rent deformed
then reformed

Bull hammer the dove!
get a lion!
then surface easy
all sea a grace

Colder than fiction
then matterless sea red
then a wine
then a game, then a life

Overcoming and wilding
swaying & striking
movements in mist
flames pouring from a bayonet hone

All silhouettes collapse
all wars collapse
all spirit grows
all fire builds recalcitrant song

We dance in a dream made of chaotic love
then said to that dream
we’re the Gods
made of earth

Beginning to be a culprit
of a lusty boat
steering north west south east
all limbs moving

Tattoo the hello
tattoo the city
all of the birds are feral
flight & shops

Judge the dance by
its sweat under movement, and by a song under the eyelid
ideas frothing, cool cool hands, then a burst under the sky
haven’t worked for eternity to become a leper, by the forest of September

Heavy dreams and heavy lilac never breach the wall
the boundaries are made of permanence beyond permanence
however, shall we just best it together?
and take it down together?

All is possible beyond the flaws
all is within
the unsevered fight
most natural fight
and the waltz that is mortal pulse

a fly buzzes past me

there are two

mating in the air.


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